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Opinions about Men Like Plus Size Women

Posted by | Apr 19, 2017

Opinions about Men Like Plus Size WomenMany men want to know the reason why women try to look skinny. May be the 'super slim' supermodel look has been well-known by the media way too much, many women are trying to look like that. They take up so many diet and exercise programs to look skinny as they think it's hot. But on the contrary, men always vote for someone who isn't so skinny. In fact, many men think plus size women are the hottest according to their survey. Here are some more opinions from such surveys.

Fact #1

In a survey, some women thought that they started getting more attention from men after they gained weight and plus sized.

Fact #2

Some men would love to give a hug with woman who is soft, it means they prefer dating plus size women rather than skinny women.

Fact #3

Almost all men agreed that they would love women who eat healthy compared to women who starve themselves.

Fact #4

Men are generally designed by nature to perceive curvy women as fertile. That is why they are naturally drawn towards them.

Fact #5

Many men agreed that women look more feminine when they have fat and size in the right places.

Fact #6

Most men said that plus size women look mature and caring. It makes men feel like settling down with someone like that when they go on a date.

Fact #7

Some guys who are already dating skinny women also admitted that they also want to date plus size women.

Fact #8

Maybe you will ask that men like everything fat. Actually, men don't like the term "fat", because they would love to say they like plus size women or big beautiful women. But the right amount of fat in the right places would make anyone look good.

All above are some opinions about men like plus size women according to a survey, if you are a man who like plus size women, these site Men Who Like Plus Size Women will be right for you.