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Useful Dating Tips for Plus Size Women

Posted by | Aug 21, 2017

Useful Dating Tips for Plus Size WomenBeing a plus size woman should not be considered as a punishment. Here are some useful dating tips to be followed while plus size women are going for the date.

Know Your Body Type

It is not advisable to look like a fashion victim. By following the fashion trends blindly, women tend to commit more fashion faux pas. Know your body type and face cut as well as complexion and then decide on the requirement.

Do not use make up blindly just because the shades are in vogue. Try to keep in mind your complexion and facial features. Seek help of the professionals at the salon while picking up the makeup stuff like lip color, shades et al. Remember to apply minimum make up.

You can play up your eyes but the overall look should be subtle. Again do not suffocate your beau with excessive perfume.

Time to Let Your Hair Down

For plus size women, long hair is a boon. Let your hair be the highlighting factor. Do not even think of trying out a new hairdo just prior to your date.

Experimentation is strictly no-no. Keeping your hair open will cover the high cheek bone areas too. Try to keep your look as natural you can. The idea is to know each other without any pretension. A fancy hairdo will give an artificial look.

Ensure that your hair is washed and blow dry. If you yearn to opt for something jazzy then get a re-bonding session done.

Dress That Suits Your Body Type

Remember that Shakira, Salma Hayek and Sophie Loren were individual personalities with individual style statements. There is no need to copy the latest style. Be yourself and woo your beau.

The best attire for the date should be something formal. It could be sari or even salwar kameez. If you wish to look as well as feel comfortable, go for salwar kameez. There is wide variety of designs available like embroidery, sequin, mixed color combinations et al.

Nothing looks more elegant than the tussar silk salwar kameez collection. If you wish to look slimmer, then go for the cotton silk churidar kurta.

Georgette and chiffon will also give you a feminine and slimmer look.

Keep a Check On Your Tongue

Do not let your nervousness come out in your conversation. Take a deep breath and be a good listener. Nothing works better than being a keen listener. If he asks you to place the order, do it sensibly.

His conversation may sound casual to you but mind your eating habits. Do not order anything tacky and heavy. Instead of junk food, opt for a salad or a steak with red wine.

Alcohol is a tricky issue because it depends upon the level of informality in the conversation. Heavy drinking is best avoided on a first date.

Plan Out Smartly

Chalk out the arrangements as early as possible. Get your dress and accessories right. The best way is to buy unstitched salwar kameez and get it custom made. The fitting will be good and smart too.

Besides, you will have ample time to match up the accessories as well as make up. So follow these tips and make your date a memorable one.